Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 12

1. I'm getting my hair cut on Friday, and I cannot wait. I need to have it short(er).

2. All three children are napping at the same time again today. This is too good to be true. Normally I wouldn't want David to nap, because he stays up VERY late when he does. However, the last few times he's napped it's not been a problem. And since it's summer I don't really stick to our normal bedtime anyway, and they've been sleeping much later lately. Yahoo!

3. I already have dinner made for tonight. I love organized days. I'm watching LJ for a little while this afternoon, and I suspect I would have a difficult time making dinner with four children underfoot!

4. Jack has decided he's a stomach sleeper. He looks so cute with his bum sticking up in the air.

5. I think Jack's working on some teeth, as he's been putting his hands in his mouth 24-7, drooling, and is very fussy at night. Last night was better. Perhaps due to the Tylenol I gave him before he went to bed. . .

6. Henry is done with diapers and pull-ups, except at night. I'm not buying anymore. It was a crutch for Chris and me, so they're gone. He's done very, very well. Good thing, because he needs to be 100% trained for school.

7. We're down to only 2 "big boy" pacifiers. And one of them has a hole. David will still use it with the hole. (Yes, my children are 3 and 4 and still use a pacifier when they sleep. Or ride in the car. If you have an opinion about this, I don't care to hear it.) They'll be gone very shortly, purely because I refuse to buy any. The paci man is coming to town!

8. I went to Kroger today to pick up milk, some ground beef, fruits and veggies and bread. I spent $160. Someone please explain that to me. My children eat SO MUCH during the summer. What the hell is our grocery bill going to be with three boys in 10 years?

9. Since Jack is officially moved out of our room (the earliest of all of my children, FYI) we moved an exercise bike in. I'm so glad!

10. I just made some roasted garbanzo beans. They're supposed to be crunchy but are a bit mushy. Perhaps because I used canned? Next time I think I'll use dry beans.

11. I made a bunch of fresh fruit baby food to freeze for Jack today. When I think about making it, I always procrastinate because I feel like it takes so much time. It really doesn't, and I'm always glad when I do it. He's going to try pumpkin tonight for the first time (which I didn't make!) I hope he likes it. I think he will, as he's a huge fan of the orange veggies. Green, notsomuch. I'm going to pick up an avocado the next time I'm at the store and see how he likes that.

12. David has some weird issue with smells. He was gagging FOUR TIMES today because things smelled "bad". I couldn't smell anything, and I'm a pretty sensitive smeller. That child. . .

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Julie said...

I don't even want to think about the grocery bill with 3 boys when they are will be enough for me! I've already said that we should make him get a job at Subway! That boy loves a sandwich and chips!