Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stevie Wonder

They don't call him Stevie Wonder for nothin'!

David attends a Methodist preschool, as will Henry in the fall. At lunch each day, they sing "God Our Father" before eating. It goes:

God our father, God our father
Once again, Once again
We bow our heads to thank you, We bow our heads to thank you
Amen, Amen

David's teachers had told me several times that they call him Stevie Wonder at lunch, because he squeezes his eyes shut, puts his hands together, and sways back and forth while he's singing. They were not kidding. We were singing it tonight at my parents before we ate, and David was ROCKING it! Except his version, eyes wide shut, hands clamped together, and swaying back and forth went like this:

God our fadder, God our fadder
Once again, Once again
We bow our hands and fank you, We bow our hands and fank you
All our men, All our men
(Fist pump in the air) DIG IN!

I love that child. He cracks me up every day. I asked him to sing it again for my dad and David laughed and tried to make his armpit make a tooting noise. Again, something I thought we had some time to kill before that particular lovely would be happening.

And speaking of him rocking. . . at our garage sale on Friday, my sister was selling a two burner electric hot plate. David said, "OH! Want to see me make some music?" I thought he would sit down and bang on it like drums. Ah, no. He sat down, put his left hand over his ear, and rubbed his right hand back and forth on one of the burners, making a "scratching" noise while he did it. Julie and I cracked up and she called him the next DJ AM.

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