Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Been a While!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted. Slacker! Some highlights:
  • I still can't find our camera. I'm not happy. I am afraid it may have been on the changing table and gotten knocked off into the diaper trash can and I didn't notice. You see where this is going? If that is the case, the trash has since been taken out. . .
  • We got the paint to do the boys room. I'm thrilled, because I hate the color currently in there. We're also going to touch up Jack's trim (the tape pulled almost all of the trim paint off when Chris painted his room -- so frustrating!) and paint the vanities in our bathrooms.
  • I did the flowers in our hanging baskets and window boxes yesterday. They look so cute! Here's hoping I don't kill them.
  • Chris is getting our gazebo-thingy for the patio right now. I'm glad we waited to buy one, because I like the one he's getting much more than our original plan. And it's $65 less expensive! We desperately need it now that it's nice out. We have absolutely zero shade in the backyard now since the tree blew over.
  • David and Henry spent the night with my parents Saturday night. While there, David managed to rip insulation out of their attic walls and ruin the retractable leash they got for their new dog. He pulled all of the leash out and then CUT it with scissors. WTF? David Scissorhands. . .
  • Speaking of their new dog, her name is Greta and she's so freaking cute. She's tiny, and so sweet and snuggly. She really liked to be with Jack, I'm guessing because he's the only person there who didn't seem totally enormous to her! David is slightly obsessed with her. He wanted to sleep in her cage with her and wanted to "trade" with Gigi. Gigi could keep Jack and David could keep Greta.

  • Jack is four months today. He's been celebrating for the last three nights by getting up every hour. As a result, I'm stuffing him full of food in hopes that he'll sleep more! He still hates tummy time and I think will never roll over. If I put him on his stomach all he does is cry, thrash his head around, and blow boogies out of his nose. It's great. He goes to the doctor tomorrow for his 4 month appointment.

I wish I had something more exciting to talk about. . . not much has been going on. David's last day of school is on Wednesday. Any exciting ideas about how to keep my children occupied for the summer!? The boys will have their first babysitters on Friday night. Miss Stephanie and Mr. Matt will be coming over to stay with them while Chris and I go to dinner. I can't even tell David that it's coming up, because he'll ask about it every 10 minutes until then. He's in love with Miss Stephanie. He wanted to get her an end of the school year gift, even though she's not one of his teachers. (She's his teacher's daughter.) He was very adamant about it. Of course we got her one.

Here are some pictures of Jack. (Taken with my sister's camera!) He's "talking" ALL the time now. And giving Henry a serious run for his money in the volume department.

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Julie said...

I want to eat Jack and Greta!!!