Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Much Like Hillary. . .

. . . Henry's red phone rings at night. He has a red toy phone, and he likes to call people on it before he goes to bed. Tonight, much like other nights, he called Gigi. He's hysterical when he does this, as he lays on his back, head on his pillow, his right ankle propped up on his left knee with the phone in his right hand and his left behind his head. I so have visions of him in 12 years doing the same thing. Only hopefully not on a toy phone, because that would be really weird. So tonight this was his conversation, "RING! RING! (It's rinnin Dadid.) Hello? Gigi? It's me - Hamry Timtim. I'm callin' you cause you're on bacation. I went to get you mail today. Tomorrow Mama said it's Dadid's turn to get it. Are you habin' fun? Did you hab fun on da plane? Mama said I can't call you on da plane. Guess what Gigi? No, guess. I'm not tellin' you! You hafta guess! Today I did poopy on da big potty. TWO TIMES! I needed pribacy to do it. Dadid kep wantin' to see it. I'll show you when you get back from bacation. I wub you Gigi. Hab fun!"

Then he called Julie. "RING! RING! (It's rinnin Dadid. I hope she's home.) Hello? Julie? It's me -- Hamry Timtim. I'm jus calling to see if you baby's still stinky? Is JT playin wif he's red Spiderman hands? OK. I wub you Julie. Night Night."

I'm laughing now thinking of that. Today LJ pooped her pants at McD's, and Henry told Julie, "Somefing stinks. I fink it's you baby!" He clearly remembered that and wanted to make sure she had been changed! That child cracks me up.


Kelly said...

OMG....I think that is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!

Katie said...

This is my favorite post of yours EVER! I'm Misty's friend and I hope you don't think I'm some super weirdo stalker who's going back and reading every post you've ever written, but I kinda am! Lol

I've been touched by your story of becoming a family of 6 and I am enjoying reading about your hilarious kiddos! You write so well; I can totally picture everything!